How we do it.




We don’t view ourselves as a research vendor, but as a partner with our clients. So, every project starts with a blank sheet of paper—that is, no preconceptions; no favorite procedures or specific methodologies we promote.

The impetus for every project is, "What questions do you need answered in order to improve your strategic decision-making?"

While the answers to this inquiry are diverse, some examples include:

How will this product—as designed—sell in the marketplace? How many units can we expect to sell?

What are the drivers of demand for this product/service?

What geographic markets should we be in? Which world areas represent our best opportunities?

How does the image of our products/brands measure up to competitors’ products/brands?

What segments within the market are ones we should concentrate on?

What effect would a premium price strategy have on demand?

What messages are consumers taking away from our advertising efforts?


Scott Alden, founder and President of AA-MR, brings a roll-up-your-sleeves involvement to every project—no matter how large or small. Dr. Alden is either fully responsible for or highly involved in every step of a study. 

From the start, we work with our clients to establish what their objectives are. We then design the most effective and efficient research project. This is to say, we determine the most reliable way to get the information you need at the least cost in dollars and time.

Although we operate our own telephone survey facility, staffed with professional, multilingual interviewers, we also conduct focus groups, and collect information through mailed, e-mailed, or on-line surveys, intercept interviews, or through personal, face-to-face interviews.

Our task is to take the information we have gathered, analyze and interpret the results, and provide those results in easily comprehended charts and bullets—all of which ultimately lead to strategic action programs.